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Choosing the best 4WD camping accessories for your vehicle can be tricky, as you wouldn’t want to overload your 4WD and spend a fortune on fancy extras you’ll never end up using. At the same time, having all your camping necessities handy when you need them can make all the difference to your outdoors experience.

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While your choices of camping 4x4 accessories will vary greatly depending on both the specific type of off-road adventure you are planning and the location you are going to explore, there are some accessories that every 4WD owner needs. A fire extinguisher bracket definitely falls in this category.

This bracket is an essential safety accessory, especially for off-road enthusiasts, adventurers, and those who frequently drive in remote or rugged environments. It ensures that a fire extinguisher is easily accessible and properly secured, enabling quick response in case of a fire emergency. 

Another outstanding accessory we stock is Torkstrap - an innovative solution for your cargo safety and security. This cleverly designed strap combines the best characteristics of a ratchet, lashing strap, and bungee, providing constant secure tension while also allowing for some cargo movement. This is why the growing number of off-road enthusiasts consider Torkstrap the ultimate cargo transport solution.

Selecting the best 4WD camping accessories for your needs

Your vehicle's capabilities and your personal preferences always play an important part in determining your choices of camping accessories for your vehicle - however, you also need to give serious consideration to the kind of activities you are planning. This helps you anticipate specific challenges you might encounter - such as muddy trails, river crossings, or extreme temperatures.

Additionally, you need to ensure that the accessories you are considering are compatible with your specific vehicle make and model, and will fit into the available space in and on your vehicle. Always choose accessories that won't hinder your vehicle's functionality or storage capacity - and will fit well with any future upgrades or modifications you plan to make.

One of the most important considerations when choosing your 4wd accessories is to always prioritise your essentials - accessories like recovery gear (tow straps, recovery tracks, winch) and safety equipment (first aid kit, fire extinguisher).

At Essential 4x4, we strive to bring you the ultimate selection of camping essentials that will ensure that you are well prepared for any challenges and unexpected situations that you may encounter on your adventure.

Here are the highlights of some of the most innovative and popular camping accessories we stock.

TorkStrap model 500 Platinum

TorkStrap is specially designed to be super simple and easy-to-use, allowing you to secure your cargo with minimal effort. This is one of TorkStrap’s major points of difference from ratchet straps with their complicated ratchet mechanisms. 

Also, rather than relying on static tension like ratchet straps, TorkStrap’s proprietary power band technology provides dynamic tension, ensuring that your load is always secure, even despite your cargo shifting during transport. This gives you unparalleled peace of mind on your trip - especially when transporting heavy and bulky items.

We stock a medium-duty TorkStrap model 500 Platinum that is 3 m long, 2,5 cm wide and has a safe working load of 225 kgs and a maximum breaking strength of 680 kgs, making it a versatile cargo strap perfect for most 4WD uses.

TorkStrap will ensure that, no matter where you go, your load stays in place throughout your 4WD adventure.

Essential camping accessories for Hilux - fire extinguisher bracket and more

We stock multiple camping accessories designed to make your Hilux more versatile for camping and outdoor adventures - including our range of fire extinguisher brackets for sale. Having a fire extinguisher readily available can be crucial in preventing and containing fires, which could save lives and protect your vehicle from extensive damage.

The Toyota Hilux fire extinguisher bracket is a specialised mounting system designed to securely hold a fire extinguisher within a Toyota Hilux vehicle while positioning it within arm's reach of the driver and passengers, allowing for immediate access in case of a fire emergency. 

The bracket is specially engineered to match the dimensions and specifications of your Toyota Hilux's interior, ensuring a snug and safe fit without interfering with the vehicle's operation or passenger space. It is also designed to complement your Hilux’s interior aesthetics, providing a clean and integrated appearance.

It’s important to always prioritise safety and proper preparation when venturing into remote areas. Choose the best 4WD camping gear that matches your needs and the challenges you might face during your camping trip.  Tailor your selections to match your unique 4WD adventure style and requirements - and invest in quality brands known for durability and reliability. Browse our 4WD accessories range and make your selection today.