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Tyre inflators are indispensable tools for maintaining optimal tyre pressure, ensuring safety, enhancing performance, and extending the life of your tyres.

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They are particularly useful for quick inflation in emergencies - or in any situations when you don't have immediate access to a petrol station with an air pump - and are simply a must have if you ever take your 4WD off-road.

Proper tyre inflation is essential for safe driving and optimal fuel efficiency. Under-inflated tyres can lead to decreased fuel economy, reduced handling and braking performance, and increased tyre wear.

At Essential 4x4, we have all the tyre inflation gear you need to be fully equipped for your next off-road adventure.

Looking for the best tyre inflator Australia has to offer?

With different types of tyre inflators currently available on the market, it is worth considering several key factors to ensure that you can select the best tyre inflation kit for your needs.

When choosing your tyre inflator, you should take into consideration such factors as its power source, pressure range and accuracy, inflation speed, size, portability, cord and nose length, noise level, as well as any additional features you might require.

While many tyre inflation kits are quite similar in terms of features and functionality, some are particularly well suited for off-road conditions where portability and efficient performance really matter.

Tyre inflation kits by a US-based brand MORRFlate that we stock are among the most efficient and innovative tyre inflation kits on the market today. These tyre inflation kits are well known both for their efficiency and superior quality. That is why our MORRflate car tyre inflation kit range is among our most popular products. 

MORRFlate tyre inflation kit will keep you on the road

MORRFlate’s Quad and Quad Plus are portable 4-tyre inflation/deflation kits that are perfect for off-road use. They require no setup or installation, can be used straight out of the box - and allow you to simultaneously inflate/deflate all 4 of your tyres! With MORRFlate, you’ll no longer need to move hoses between the tyres of your vehicle. You can also quickly and conveniently check PSI using a centrally located display unit, easily equalising pressure between tyres or distributing it between your front and rear tyres as desired.

These kits can be connected to a MORRFlate air compressor - but are also compatible with most air compressors made by other brands. Your air source just needs to be located in the middle of the front or rear bumper - so, if you have a portable 12v compressor that connects to your battery, this setup would work well.

Using MORRFlate with your existing compressor will help you cut down on your inflation / deflation time - while also easing the pressure on the compressor and extending its useful life. 

To find out which size MORRFlate you need to fit your vehicle, you need to know the distance from the centre of your front wheel hub to the centre of your rear wheel hub (also known as your wheelbase). The Quad kit works for vehicles with a wheelbase of 3.1m or less, while Quad Plus will suit vehicles with a wheelbase of up to 3.9m.

We also stock Duo kits that allow you to quickly and efficiently inflate 2 tyres at a time (hose length is 3.9m for each hose). And if you are just after a single tyre inflator by the same brand - we also have these in stock.

The MORRFlate hoses are extremely pliable, never holding memory and ready to use straight away after you uncoil them. They are specially made out of high quality material to withstand the pressures of off-road use - and feature distinct neon green colour that allow you to easily locate your inflation hoses whenever you need them.

Made for durability and convenience, no wonder that MORRFlate tyre inflation kits have been rapidly gaining popularity with off-road enthusiasts. 

Explore our comprehensive auto tyre inflator range

At Essential 4x4, we pride ourselves in only stocking tyre inflators of superior quality that can withstand the pressures and demands of heavy off-road usage.

So, whatever type of inflation device you are looking to buy - tyre inflation kit selection that we stock will not leave you disappointed. Make your choice from our excellent range of tyre inflators today.