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Roof racks are a popular addition to 4WDs, providing additional storage space for your cargo, sporting equipment, and camping gear.

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Roof rack accessories are used to secure, organise, and protect these items while also optimising the utility of the roof rack system. Some common roof rack accessories include roof rack bars and platforms, roof rack cargo boxes and baskets, and such specialised sports accessories as bike, kayak, and surfboard racks. 

If you love your outdoors, chances are you’ll also be carrying some serious recovery gear such as Maxtrax - a popular brand of recovery boards used by many 4WD outdoor enthusiasts to help free stuck vehicles from sand, mud, snow, or other challenging terrains. So, you’ll also need a sturdy recovery tracks mounting kit that will keep your Maxtrax reliably secured yet handy in case you need it. 

Maxtrax roof rack mount kits are cleverly designed. For example, you can mount your Maxtrax on the side of your roof rack rather than on top of it - and save some much needed space for camping gear.

Maxtrax mounting bracket 

At Essential 4x4, we are also proud to offer you the most technologically advanced Maxtrax mount on the market - the MX-360. 

Made in Australia from black powder coated stainless steel and incorporating a wide variety of mounting points allowing for greater positional flexibility, this versatile mount can be installed North-South or East-West using the same bracket - while also giving you the ability to fold the pins down when you don’t need them, instantly reducing the height of your vehicle. 

The set-and-forget setup along with the exceptional quality are the main reasons behind the popularity of this exceptional Maxtrax flat rack mount. 

Maxtrax mounting pins

We also stock Maxtrax mounting pins - specialised hardware components designed to securely attach and fasten Maxtrax recovery boards to your vehicle's roof rack, bull bar, or other suitable mounting points.

Our Maxtrax mounting pin set components are made from stainless steel and glass-filled nylon - robust and corrosion-resistant materials that are tough enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

These quick-release pins are designed with a specific shape and size to fit snugly into the mounting holes or slots located along the edges of Maxtrax recovery boards. They allow you to mount your MaxTrax on a roof track, crossbars, or mount - securely and reliably. 

Maxtrax mounting pins are essential for safely and securely mounting Maxtrax recovery boards to your vehicle. They ensure that the boards remain in place and readily accessible when needed for vehicle recovery, making them a valuable tool for off-road and outdoor adventures.

Other roof rack brackets and roof rack mounts 

In addition to Maxtrax bracket sets, we stock a variety of other roof rack mounting brackets compatible with many popular 4WD models. 

These brackets come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to accommodate different types of roof racks and accessories.

The design of roof rack brackets varies depending on their intended use and the type of roof rack system they are designed for. They typically use bolts, nuts, and mounting hardware to attach to the vehicle's roof rails, tracks, or other mounting points. The choice of attachment method can vary depending on the roof rack system and the vehicle's design.

Some roof rack brackets are adjustable, allowing users to fine-tune the positioning of crossbars or accessories to accommodate different cargo sizes and shapes.

Roof rack light bar mount

Some roof racks can be customised with additional lighting elements, like off-road LED light bars, which can be extremely useful for off-road adventures.

A roof rack light bar mount is a specialised accessory designed to securely attach an LED light bar or auxiliary lights to the roof rack of a vehicle. To provide a stable platform for mounting lights, these mounts are constructed from durable materials such as steel, aluminium, or heavy-duty plastics.

Roof rack light bar mounts typically attach to the roof rack crossbars or other suitable mounting points. Many roof rack light bar mounts are adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune the positioning and angle of the light bar.

When selecting a roof rack light bar mount, it's crucial to consider compatibility, load capacity, adjustability, and weather resistance to ensure that your light bar is securely and effectively mounted to your roof rack. It’s also essential to consider the load capacity of the roof rack and the mount to ensure that they can support the weight of the light bar and any additional accessories. 

Before purchasing your roof rack fitting kit and accessories, please ensure compatibility with your vehicle's roof rack system and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for weight limits and installation instructions. In addition to our Maxtrax range, we stock Yakima roof rack accessories as well as Rhino Rack and Rola Titan compatible accessories - so you can easily find the accessories you need to ensure you are well equipped for your next outback adventure.