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An air box is a crucial component in your 4WD’s engine system designed to filter and regulate the intake of air before it reaches the engine. It plays a critical role in maintaining the engine's performance, fuel efficiency, and overall longevity.

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One of the top-performing air boxes in our range is the XLC200K - Donaldson PowerCore® 4x4 Air Box that has been meticulously designed to seamlessly fit and demonstrate exceptional performance within Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series engines. 

This air box comes complete with Ultra-Web media filters that provide high-efficiency filtration encapsulated within a compact unit for streamlined functionality. The package also includes a comprehensive fastener kit containing all the necessary components for a hassle-free installation: bolts, washers, a restriction indicator, a water drain plug, gloves, and stickers.

Snorkels are also used to ensure that your engine can breathe easy and perform at its peak. They are raised air intake systems designed to provide vehicles with cleaner and cooler air. They are especially useful when driving your 4WD in off-road conditions where dust, sand, water, or other debris could potentially clog or damage the engine's air intake.

The snorkel is a vertical pipe or tube that extends from the engine compartment of the vehicle to a higher point on the vehicle's exterior, such as the roof or A-pillar. This positioning helps the vehicle draw in air that is less contaminated by dust and debris that tend to be closer to the ground.

Benefits of using a snorkel include improved air quality, improved engine performance (due to preventing it from inhaling dust and dirt), and improved water crossing ability due to raising your air intake point. Additionally, snorkels can be seen as an aesthetic modification, giving your 4WD a rugged and adventurous appearance.

Snorkel kits are constructed from durable materials such as UV-resistant polyethylene, which can withstand exposure to harsh weather and sunlight.

Our Hilux snorkel range

Toyota Hilux is well known for its durability and off-road capabilities. Snorkel kits for the Hilux are usually added to enhance the vehicle's off-road performance and protection in challenging conditions.

Our Toyota Hilux snorkel range consists of products that are specially designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian outdoors and to provide superior engine protection without compromising your vehicle’s performance. (This includes our Toyota Fortuner snorkel range, as Fortuner is built on the Hilux ute platform.)

The sleek design and quality finish ensure that the great appearance of your snorkel is combined with lasting protection from dust, water, and snow. 

Our Land Cruiser snorkel and 200 series air box range

Toyota Land Cruiser is another renowned line of rugged and capable 4WDs known for their off-road prowess and reliability. Now you can elevate your Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series to new heights of efficiency, protection, and performance with the XLC200K Upgrade Kit.

Donaldson PowerCore air intake cleaner products are designed to enhance air filtration and protection in 4x4 vehicles and off-road applications. 

The PowerCore 4x4 series features advanced filtration technology with efficient pleated filter cartridges, ensuring improved air cleaning and extended filter lifespan. These products are built to be compact and space-efficient while maintaining high filtration efficiency with a focus on optimal airflow and ease of maintenance. 

Donaldson powercore 200 series airbox could very well become an essential addition to the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series, given the remarkable benefits it offers. Engineered to seamlessly fit and perform within Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series engines, Donaldson PowerCore 4x4 filters boast a 99.99% efficiency rate, delivering unparalleled protection and performance.

The PowerCore 4x4, equipped with Ultra-Web media, boasts three times more effective filtration area compared to OEM filters, resulting in over 30% lower initial restriction and providing high-efficiency filtration in a single, compact unit.

The kit fits perfectly whether your vehicle is equipped with a snorkel or not - but for the best results we recommend that you consider combining your new Donaldson air box with a Land Cruiser compatible snorkel of your choice.

Planning a water adventure? Don’t forget your diff breathers!

Differential breathers, often referred to as "diff breathers," are components used in vehicles to equalise air pressure inside the differential housing. 

Diff breathers play an important role in maintaining the health and functionality of the differential by addressing changes in air pressure caused by temperature fluctuations, altitude changes, and other environmental factors.

Your vehicle can be equipped with a special breather diff kit that will effectively work as snorkels for your drivetrain. 

This is especially important if you need your 4WD to be ready for some serious adventures like water crossings. These diff breather kits raise your breather above the standard factory level to prevent water entering, so that the diff can be cooled - and the air inside the diff can contract without sucking in water.

Choosing the best snorkel for Toyota Hilux - or opting to complete your setup with an airbox and diff breathers - may seem like a daunting task. But, if you are considering going on a serious off-road adventure, ensuring that your engine can perform optimally and reliably is a must. 

So, browse our Toyota snorkel and air boxes range - and make your selection today.