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At Essential 4x4, we stock a wide range of 12V electrical accessories that help you maintain your 4WD’s functionality during your off-road adventures and outdoor activities while also enabling you to enjoy modern comforts and conveniences away from home.


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Many 12V accessories can also significantly enhance your safety on your off-road journey - and are absolutely essential for emergency situations. Lighting solutions, such as LED light bars and spotlights, improve visibility at night or in low-light conditions, reducing the risk of accidents. Accessories like winches or air compressors provide the tools needed to navigate challenging obstacles and recover from difficult situations. Portable battery chargers and jump-starters can get your vehicle running if the primary battery fails.

12V accessories also provide versatility and adaptability for different situations and terrains - and are essential for maintaining the comfort and functionality of your 4WD over an extended period. They allow you to stay off the grid for longer and explore remote areas with confidence.

Jump starters

Jump starters are portable devices designed to provide the electrical power necessary to start a vehicle with a dead or discharged battery. If your battery dies in a remote location, your jump starter pack can be a lifesaver - literally. So, if you frequently venture into remote areas where traditional jump-starting methods may not be readily available, make sure you are equipped with a reliable jump starter. 

Specially designed to be portable and lightweight, modern jump starters are easy to carry and store in your 4WD, allowing you to take them on off-road adventures without taking up much space. The jump starters we stock are equipped with a 12V power source compatible with the standard electrical system of 4WD vehicles.

Jump starters are rated in terms of peak amps and cranking amps. Peak amps represent the maximum current output the jump starter can provide for a short burst, while cranking amps indicate its sustained output. Higher values for these ratings are generally better - especially for larger 4WD vehicles.  

Jump starters typically feature lithium-ion batteries, which are known for their high energy density, quick charging capabilities, and longer shelf life - as well as their compact size and reliability. The capacity of a jump starter's battery determines how many jump starts it can provide before needing recharging. Runtime is also a crucial consideration, especially if you plan to use the jump starter for multiple purposes, such as charging devices or powering accessories.

Many jump starters are equipped with built-in LED flashlights that can be particularly useful in low-light conditions or emergencies, such as nighttime breakdowns. They also typically feature either USB ports or Wireless Qi charging, allowing you to charge your electronic devices in case of emergencies or during your outdoor adventures.

Light bars

Light bars are essential accessories for 4WD enthusiasts who want to enhance their vehicle's off-road performance and safety during nighttime or low-light conditions. High-intensity, focused beam of light that these bars produce can extend over long distances - so they provide superior visibility, making your off-road driving both safer and more enjoyable. 

Light bars utilise energy-efficient and long-lasting LED technology and are known for their bright, white light output, which closely resembles daylight. Their durability, energy efficiency, and brightness make them the preferred choice for off-road lighting. The intensity of the light varies depending on the number of LEDs and their wattage, with some high-end models producing extremely bright beams.

These popular accessories come in various sizes, ranging from compact options to large, heavy-duty models. They are available in different configurations, including straight bars and curved bars. The choice of size and shape depends on your specific lighting needs and the mounting location on your vehicle.

Constructed with rugged and durable materials such as aluminium or heavy-duty polycarbonate lenses, light bars are designed and built to withstand the rigours of off-road driving and resist damage from impacts, vibrations, and environmental factors.

LED globes

When it comes to 4WD lighting accessories, LED technology is very popular. 

LED car spotlights provide brighter and more focused illumination than traditional halogen ones  - and have a longer lifespan, which reduces the frequency of globe replacement. These car spotlights are perfect for highlighting specific objects or areas in the distance.

LED light bars are energy-efficient, drawing significantly less power than traditional halogen or incandescent lights. This reduces the strain on your vehicle's electrical system and minimises the risk of draining the battery. Also, an adjustable LED light bar can be angled to provide lighting in specific directions.

When selecting LED globes, it is important to ensure that they are compatible with your vehicle's sockets and wiring. You should also consider factors like colour temperature, brightness, and beam pattern to ensure they meet your specific needs. Browse our selection of 12V LED globes and other lights for all your 4WD adventure, camping, and caravan lighting needs.