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The Dobinsons brand needs no introduction as it is widely known for manufacturing aftermarket suspension components, primarily for off-road and 4WD vehicles.

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Specialising in producing suspension lift kits, shock absorbers, coil springs, leaf springs, and other related suspension parts, Dobinsons quality is second to none.

Dobinsons is renowned for producing high-quality suspension components made from premium materials and designed to withstand the heaviest off-road use.

Our range of Dobinsons suspension (Hilux and other 4WD models)

Dobinsons offer a wide range of suspension products suitable for various vehicle makes and models, including components for trucks, 4WDs, and other off-road vehicles. 

Among Dobinsons primary offerings are suspension lift kits including such components as taller coil springs, longer shocks, and other necessary parts that raise your 4WD's ride height to improve ground clearance.

Dobinsons manufactures both monotube and twin-tube shock absorbers, each with its own advantages. These shocks are designed to provide improved ride comfort and control, especially in rough terrain.

They also produce one of the world’s largest range of coil springs that form a crucial part of the suspension system. For vehicles with rear leaf spring suspension systems - such as Toyota Hilux - Dobinsons offer upgraded leaf springs to enhance both load-carrying capacity and off-road performance.

Many of Dobinsons suspension kit components are adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune your vehicle's suspension to suit your needs and preferences.

Diff Drops 

Diffl drops (short for “differential drops”) are spacer-like components installed between the vehicle's frame and the front or rear differential assembly. They lower the position of the differential relative to the frame, which in turn reduces the angle of the front or rear drive shafts. By doing this, diff drops help to mitigate the problems associated with lifted or modified suspensions. 

Diff drops play an important role in ensuring that your vehicle can achieve its best off-road performance on long-haul trips - and that is why this modification is becoming increasingly popular. 

Lifting your 4WD provides better clearance and higher traction, allowing you to use larger wheels - which means that you can take it off the road for some serious off-road adventures involving rock climbing, driving over sand dunes, or river crossing. 

However, lifting your car suspension often leads to significant changes in the angle at which the front and rear drive shafts connect to the differential and transfer case. If these angles become too steep, this can result in driveline vibrations making the ride less comfortable, as well as overall decreased performance, poor fuel efficiency and premature wear of CV joints and other driveline components.

Diff drops are most commonly used in vehicles with independent front suspensions (IFS) to correct driveline angles, helping to maintain drivetrain integrity and improve overall performance. 

So, if you are considering a suspension lift for your vehicle, it is also a good idea to research whether adding a diff drop kit would be beneficial. The need for a diff drop often depends on the extent of the suspension lift. Generally, the taller the lift, the more likely it is that a differential drop will be required.

Diff drops are typically designed for specific vehicle makes and models. At Essential 4X4, we stock popular Hilux diff drop kits along with other major brands.

Other suspension accessories - Sumo Springs

Sumo Springs are auxiliary suspension components designed to enhance the load-carrying capacity and stability of your 4WD. They can help you get the most out of your off-road ride by absorbing and dissipating vibrations while also providing you with more control in harsh conditions and / or on uneven terrain. They are often used as an alternative or complement to traditional suspension upgrades like airbags or heavy-duty leaf springs.

Made from a proprietary microcellular polyurethane material, Sumo Springs are designed to compress and provide progressive load support as the vehicle's weight increases, helping to prevent sagging and maintain a level ride height. Unlike airbags, they do not require an air compressor or frequent maintenance. 

Sumo Springs are available for various vehicle types and applications, including both rear suspension support and front suspension support. They are built to withstand harsh conditions, including exposure to UV rays, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Resistant to corrosion and designed to last for a long time without degradation, they are generally maintenance-free after installation.

Sumo Springs are great for reducing the amount of wear and tear on original components and keeping maintenance costs down while increasing driver, passenger, and cargo safety. 

When you browse through our selection of Sumo Springs for sale, please remember that it is important to choose the appropriate product based on your vehicle's make and model and your specific load-carrying needs.